All Mt. Baker Ski Area Operations & Facilities CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER

It is always with a twinge of sadness to see another season come and go at Mt. Baker.  Sunday April 20th was our last day of operations for the 2013-14 season and we would like to thank all our customers, particularly our faithful and supportive season pass holders.  We hope you have made many wonderful memories over this past season.

This season was an interesting one, with some areas in Oregon and California being unable to open at all. Mt. Baker was fortunate, as we started with a good base; we did have a small dry period but around the beginning of February our snowbase increased over 100 inches in just one month’s time. Then it continued to snow consistently through the month of March into April. This season has nearly been a carbon copy of the 78-79 season. The season following 78-79 turned out to be a good snow season, so that bodes well for the upcoming 14-15 season. Where weather is quirky and quickly changes, climatology is more steady and constant.

This season has brought many fantastic memories. The Legendary Banked slalom weekend was a great celebration and we just wrapped up the 15th annual Golden Egg Hunt with thousands of participants.

This summer we will be working on some additional changes to improve the area for the coming season. We will keep you posted on these changes come fall.

Of note, our lift ticket prices remained some of the lowest in the industry and I feel we offer some of the best mountain experiences you can get anywhere at any price.

As always we want to encourage people to continue to educate themselves in deep soft snow issues (tree wells and avalanches).

We look forward to seeing you at the Mt. Baker Film Fest next fall and hope we have a nice warm summer.

Duncan Howat - General Manager

P: Jeff Sroke